Better For Them. Better For All.

We believe that veterinary care should be a force for good.
Stronger Together
We partner with a local network of rescues to find homes and provide much needed health care to pets that have been neglected and abused.
A Voice For The Voiceless
We actively lobby to change government regulations to provide better protections for all pets in Pennsylvania.
Pets Over Profit
We do not service puppy mill breeders.
We do not provide euthanasia services driven by convenience factors.
We do not provide inhumane physical modifications such as ear cropping, tail docking or declawing.
We do not administer assisted reproductive services.
Miles Traveled

We All Have A Story

We believe every pet has a story that should be celebrated.
Furdunkin is ours.

Small in stature, but larger than life, our dog, Snuffy - who we lovingly referred to as “Dunkin” - was love in its purest form. He was a best friend, a loyal companion and he taught us what it means to be a good human. We promised our loyal companion that we would turn our dream of owning a veterinary practice into reality so that we could better the lives of animals. And as our name suggests, we did it 'for Dunkin.'

From Our Family To Yours. With Love.

Our Furdunkin family lives and breathes our purpose each day. It's our pet first mantra that enables us to provide your furry family members with the best care available.
I share popsicles with my dogs. A lick for me, a lick for them.
Jennifer Hufnagle
Founder & COO
I try to get every stray animal to climb into my car.
Kristy Bledsoe
Founder & Chief Growth Officer
I have but one expectation for my dogs...that they cling to me like plastic wrap.
Jaime Morey, B.V.M.S.
Medical Director
My dog relegates me to the little spoon position each night in bed.
Ashley Ramsey, B.V.M.&S.
Medical Director
Julie Brunner
Manager of CX & Social Impact
Brittany W.
Client Experience Specialist
Wayne S
Client Experience Specialist
Dezirae G.
Cierra L.
Cynthia L.
Veterinary Technician
Amanda R.
Veterinary Surgical Technician
Jesse B
Facilities & Resource Manager
When I'm alone, I lick the spout on the office water cooler.
Beatrice Baggins
Director of Canine Experience
I only care about my experience in this life.
Director of Feline Experience

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