Your Pet Deserves a Better Health Care Experience

Just like you, we love our pets and believe they deserve the healthiest and most vibrant lives possible.
Furdunkin Mobile Veterinary Service provides veterinary care on your pet's terms - not ours.

Care For Pets

We provide an environment where pets can kick their paws up and relax from the comfort of home.

Convenient Curbside Service

We deliver convenient veterinary care across Lancaster County to help you better manage your hectic life.

On Wheels

We have a full surgical suite that allows for surgery, dentistry, and more.

Rethinking Pet Care

By bringing vet care directly to you, we provide a personalized and stress-free experience that leads to better health outcomes for your pet.




♥ Better for geriatric and sick patients

♥ Eliminate the stress of travel

♥ Remove waiting room anxiety

♥ Zero exposure to sick pets and people

♥ Relaxed pets produce more accurate test results





Better For Them. Better For All.

We believe that veterinary care should be a force for good.
Stronger Together
We partner with a local network of rescues to find homes and provide much needed health care to pets that have been neglected and abused.
A Voice For The Voiceless
We actively lobby to change government regulations to provide better protections for all pets in Pennsylvania.
Pets Over Profit
We do not service puppy mill breeders.
We do not provide euthanasia services driven by convenience factors.
We do not provide inhumane physical modifications such as ear cropping, tail docking or declawing.
We do not administer assisted reproductive services.
Miles Traveled

From Our Family To Yours. With Love.

Our Furdunkin family lives and breathes our purpose each day. It's our pet first mantra that enables us to provide your furry family members with the best care available.
I share popsicles with my dogs. A lick for me, a lick for them.
Jennifer Hufnagle
Founder & Chief Operations Officer
I try to get every stray animal to climb into my car.
Kristy Bledsoe
Founder & Chief Growth Officer
If I wasn't a vet, I'd be actively launching my cat's youtube career.
Hani Battah, DVM
Medical Director
When I'm alone, I lick the spout on the office water cooler.
Beatrice Baggins
Director of Canine Experience & Office Manager
I only care about my experience in this life.
Pumpkin Battah
Director of Feline Experience & Diversity

We All Have A Story

We believe every pet has a story that should be celebrated.
Furdunkin is ours.

Small in stature, but larger than life, our dog, Snuffy - who we lovingly referred to as “Dunkin” - was love in its purest form. He was a best friend, a loyal companion and he taught us what it means to be a good human. We promised our loyal companion that we would turn our dream of owning a veterinary practice into reality so that we could better the lives of animals. And as our name suggests, we did it 'for Dunkin.'


As COVID-19 is spreading across the world, we are taking extra precautions to ensure your pets receive the care they need, while keeping all of you safe. So many of you have been impacted by this event, but we encourage all of you to remain vigilant.  Adhering to the guidelines set-forth by the governor will minimize the strain on our entire community. For real time updates on how this situation could potentially impact veterinary care, please connect with us using our social media channels. We will make it to the other side and be a stronger, better prepared community in the end.

Until assure...your pets are in good hands.  Stay home. We've got you covered.

Clients will remain inside their homes

Typically, we invite all clients to board the truck and be a part of the experience, however, keeping you safe is our top priority. Until further notice, we will call upon arrival, collect your pet at your door or main entrance to your building, complete the exam on the truck, and return them back where we picked them up. We will call you after the appointment to communicate actions taken and provide you with any follow-up instructions.

All exams will take place on the truck

While it was previously possible to conduct wellness appointments in-home, we will need to temporarily suspend these actions until the situation is under control.

Extra sanitation measures

As always, we thoroughly clean all surfaces between appointments to avoid any contamination between pets. We are taking extra precautions as advised by the CDC to further mitigate additional risk, including avoiding contact with clients, sanitation of exterior truck surfaces, and increased use of personal protective gear in appointments.

Mandatory health assessment for staff

All staff will require temperature checks before departing for the day, and we are carefully monitoring any signs or symptoms of illness in our team and family members. Any team member exhibiting signs of illness will be tested and be required to self-quarantine as directed by the CDC. These employees will not return to work until cleared by a medical professional.

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